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В этом разделе можно увидеть тысячи фотографий более 100 моделей катеров с успешно установленными вышками MonsterTower. Это фотографии вышек, установленных своими руками, присланные благодарными клиентами в адрес компании MonsterTower. С помощью этих фотографий можно получить представление о способах установки на различные катера и внешнем виде катера после установки. Для просмотра выберите модель вышки и модель катера.

Фотографии катеров Wellcraft с вышкой MT1 (всего 26 фото).

Wellcraft - Lavender's 1986 Wellcraft

Wellcraft - Mark Windham's Wellcraft Excel 21SX

Wellcraft - Mark Windham's Wellcraft Excel 21SX

Wellcraft - Vic Janelle's Wellcraft Excel 18SX

Wellcraft - Vic Janelle's Wellcraft Excel 18SX
I couldn't be more pleased with this tower. I just came back from a week on the Colorado River and the tower was SOLID! We wakeboarded 3-4 hours a day, everyday, and never had a problem with the Monster Tower.

Wellcraft - Bobby Scruggs' Wellcraft Scarab 1

Wellcraft - David Main's 210 Wellcraft Sportsman

Wellcraft - David Main's 210 Wellcraft Sportsman
Here are two photos of my 210 Wellcraft Sportsman with its new Monster Tower. I couldn't be happier - the wakeboarding is great - lots of air!! I am especially thrilled that my bimini/canopy still fits without modification. A special thanks goes to Tony Halcrow at Extreme Boat Sports in Chilliwack, BC Canada for a great installation. He did a fantastic job and took great care to make it a perfect fit. Thanks Monster for a great product!

Wellcraft - Larry Wisler's 1985 Wellcraft 18' Elite 180

Wellcraft - Larry Wisler's 1985 Wellcraft 18' Elite 180

Wellcraft - Larry Wisler's 1985 Wellcraft 18' Elite 180
Thanks for having the ingenuity and concept for the Monster tower and accessories. The tower was relatively easy to install and I love the look. I sure get a lot of lookers.Thanks to you guys.

Wellcraft - Tom Osborn 1995 Wellcraft Excel

Wellcraft - Tom Osborn 1995 Wellcraft Excel
My son and I installed the tower in about 1 hour and enjoyed the new toy all summer. Thanks for the easy to follow instructions.

Wellcraft - The Anderssons Wellcraft
We think the tower is AWESOME!

Wellcraft - Jamie Coogan's 1997 21’ Wellcraft Eclipse

Wellcraft - Jamie Coogan's 1997 21’ Wellcraft Eclipse

Wellcraft - Jeff Polivka's 1990 18' Wellcraft

Wellcraft - Jeff Polivka's 1990 18' Wellcraft
This is our 1990 18' Wellcraft, with some major changes!! My whole family and I would like to thank you for the wonderful product and great support everyone at Monster Tower provided.

Wellcraft - Jonathan Sola's 1991 20' Wellcraft Eclipse

Wellcraft - Jonathan Sola's 1991 20' Wellcraft Eclipse
The tower is AWESOME. Me and my buds are catching huge air now with the tower and it's easier for skiers to get up too. Thanks guys.

Wellcraft - Woody Trant's 1990 Wellcraft Eclipse 215
“Not Trey's Boat” Your tower is AWESOME!!! My neighbor and I installed it in about 2.5 hours time, to include removing some panels and seats to get at everything, and working at night. Of course, we had to try it out on the weekend, and it lived up to what you advertised and No rattles, just rock solid. Easy pulls for the skiers, gets them right up. My son's and niece love the big air they get with their wakeboards. Best wishes to Trant's brother in law Trey serving with the armed forces in Afghanistan. They expect to see Kimberly, Sarah, and you on Lake Gastron next summer!

Wellcraft - Matt Newman '97 Wellcraft Excel 195
I got my tower on this April, but didn't get a picture til recently. It works great and installed just as smoothly as advertised. I put over fifty hours of pull-time on it this summer and it's still stiff and quiet. Support was great when a too-short knob was accidentally shipped, and I recommend Monster Tower to all the people who ask.

Wellcraft - Scott Sabsay's Wellcraft
While trying to figure out the best way to install it on my boat, I checked out other Wellcraft boats on your site. What I wished was included with the pictures was a description of the details of installation for further guidance. So now that I have done one, I will attempt to describe the significant details of my installation in the hopes that it will help others. The Bimini top still functions, although it is a little snug in places.

Wellcraft - Hayden Price's Wellcraft
The tower is everything that you claim on the website. Strong, Quiet and Phat! It took me and a friend about 4 hours and to complete the install. My kids finally think Dad is cool now.

Wellcraft - Arial C. Roche's Wellcraft

Wellcraft - Arial C. Roche's Wellcraft
Just wanted to thank you for our tower and bimini. We love it, and wanted to share how great it looks! If it weren't for your website, we would have never gotten it done living in Tucson, AZ. We used Tige' Performance Boats in Mesa, AZ and they were incredible to deal with. We would recommend them to anyone!

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