The Monster Story

Monster Tower was created to provide great wakeboard towers to fellow wakeboard enthusiasts. It began in the Summer of 2002 as a few seasoned engineers who liked to wakeboard weren't satisfied with the aftermarket tower choices at the time so they set out to build their own universal wakeboard tower. This small group quickly grew to a team of 20 people around the country, communicating and collaborating daily. The team of engineers, marketing professionals, top wakeboarders and boat dealers provided input from every perspective - installation, ownership, design, structural analysis and manufacturing. The team had one common goal in mind - create a quality universal wakeboard tower and make it affordable.
The first original Monster Tower definitely accomplished that goal proven by the large number of happy customers now enjoying their Monster Towers on rivers, lakes and oceans around the world. Driven by the need to outfit our wakeboard tower with complementary accessories, we added wakeboard tower accessories to work with the tower sticking to our founding premise of making quality products that perform, are built to last, and look awesome, affordably. 
The universal nature and ease of installation for all our products ensures you spend more time on the water with your tower on the boat and less time on land with screwdrivers and wrenches. And unlike competitor products, you can rest assured that the quality of our wakeboard towers and accessories will stand the test of time, kids, good rides, wipe outs, sunshine, rain and everything in-between so you don't have to bother with repairs or adjustments. 
In the Summer of 2006, Monster Tower joined Xtreme Tower Products (XTP) at the Marine Accessories Corporation family. XTP is the World's Largest Tower Manufacturer and the maker of the vast majority of original factory wakeboard towers for boat manufacturers to sell on new boats. Their engineering and manufacturing expertise and the special insight they have into the latest tower designs will improve the aftermarket products Monster Tower will offer to customers. This partnership has allowed us to bring you new tower products like the $799 MTE Universal Wakeboard Tower and unique Cargo Bimini Держатель. In addition, we currently offer the Monster Tower Special XTP Series of products that includes all of XTP's aftermarket products. 
Look for us to continue innovating and providing high quality products that satisfy your need for function and performance and know you aren't paying too much. Remember, "If you don’t LOVE your Monster Tower, we want it back!"
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