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В этом разделе можно увидеть тысячи фотографий более 100 моделей катеров с успешно установленными вышками MonsterTower. Это фотографии вышек, установленных своими руками, присланные благодарными клиентами в адрес компании MonsterTower. С помощью этих фотографий можно получить представление о способах установки на различные катера и внешнем виде катера после установки. Для просмотра выберите модель вышки и модель катера.

Фотографии катеров Maxum с вышкой MT1 (всего 51 фото).

Maxum - Mike Dovey's (Our UK Distributor) 1800 SR Maxum

Maxum - Jim Fox 1993 20' Maxum Cuddy Cabin

Maxum - Jim Fox 1993 20' Maxum Cuddy Cabin
There is not a squeak or rattle in the tower, it looks fantastic on our boat, and we love it! When folded down, it will rest just behind the engine cover enabling you to open the cover when the Monster Tower is folded down. The tow point is just about dead center of the boat. We can also use our tonneau cover with it either up or down! Being a 20' cuddy, the boat puts out a monster wake in it's own right. But when we add our Fat Sack and the Monster Tower, Air never became so easy!

Maxum - Randy Mellor's 1999 Maxum 18 Foot SR

Maxum - Chane Clark's 2002 Maxum 1800 SR
Hi i bought the tower in december and just got the pictures back. Thanks for all of your support over the phone to install the tower it turned out great I haven't had a chance to use it yet still too cold but i already love it and cant wait to use us it .Thanks again for everything and i will definitely recommend monster tower to anybody looking for a tower.

Maxum - Maxum Installed by SurfSide Boats in Tempe, AZ

Maxum - A new 2004 Maxum 1800SR3 with a Monster
Tower installed Performance Marine. Hey guys… here’s a shot of the first Monster Tower we’ve installed on the new 2004 Maxum 1800SR3… looks great!! Keep up the great work!

Maxum - Cameron Smith's Maxum
The tower went up smoothly without a hitch and looks great. We are thrilled and think this was the perfect tower for us.

Maxum - 2004 Maxum 1800 sr3 installed by Performance Marine

Maxum - Ryan Lichtenberg's Maxum

Maxum - Gleb Ivanoff's Maxum 1900sc (in Russia!)
It looks cool on our boat and it is really silent and strong. I think your super tower will soon improve our level. Thanks for the excellent product.

Maxum - 2004 Maxum 1800MX installed by Performance Marine

Maxum - Steven Taylor's 1997 Maxum

Maxum - Josh Rice's V-Drive Maxum

Maxum - Clint Bell's 22' Maxum 2200SR

Maxum - Clint Bell's 22' Maxum 2200SR
Thanks for the tower! Installed in March and have been loving it ever since. After the install, our biggest fear was the Bimini top as our first trial was in the warm climate of Lake mead. The Bimini just slid under the tower and worked like a charm. Thanks again guys, definitely gets a lot of compliments on looks and performance. Highly recommend the product to anyone that wants a great tower at a good price. Now we just need to get some racks and some speakers and we will be set.

Maxum - Christopher Owens' Maxum

Maxum - Simon Pickard's Maxum
Loving my tower!!

Maxum - 18' Maxum - Install by Executive Boat & Yacht

Maxum - Eric Nunnally's 1991 Maxum
I installed it with three friends with no boating installation experience. It went up perfect other than I had to reinforce my flimsy fiberglass. The service guys at Monster were great, and they even sent me an extended bolt kit overnight so I could get out for the weekend. The tower is rock solid and silent. We've been killing it ever since we put it up. Anyone retrofitting a tower on their boat needs to get a Monster Tower.

Maxum - 2005 18ft Maxum Installed by Fenelon Falls Marina

Maxum - 2005 18ft Maxum Installed by Fenelon Falls Marina

Maxum - Kirt Leyda's 2002 Maxum 1900
I purchased a monster tower earlier this year, and just got a chance to install it last weekend. It went on my 2002 Maxum 1900SR, and it looks great! I installed the tower, a wakeboard rack, a ski rack, and a mirror w/bracket. Installation was quick and easy – the hardest part was the slight modification I did to my factory bimini to make it clear. By taking 31/2 inches out of the bimini support poles, it now works under the tower and looks perfect. While in my driveway, the boat is getting lots of looks....I can't wait to get it on the lake.

Maxum - 2004 Maxum 2200SR3 - Performance Marine

Maxum - 2005 Maxum 1900SR3 installed by Performance Marine

Maxum - Stu McKeown's Maxum

Maxum - Laureen & Randall's Maxum 1800SR3
We are anxious to purchase the additional accessories in the near future. Thank-you for a greatlooking and reasonably priced product. We had it installed by Tournament Ski and Marine in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada.

Maxum - Danny Starnes' 97 Maxum

Maxum - Danny Starnes' 97 Maxum
Danny Starnes' 97 Maxum I installed the tower about 4 hours (Had to reinforce my boat) I am very satisfied with the tower. And the service from the Monster Tower Crew was impeccable.

Maxum - Install on a Maxum by Performance Marine

Maxum - Bruce & Karen's 2005 Maxum 1800MX – Seattle Washington

Maxum - Bruce & Karen's 2005 Maxum 1800MX – Seattle Washington
Installed by Ski Masters/Seattle Watersports, Monster Authorized Dealer

Maxum - Robert Maxum

Maxum - Dennis Baker's 1995 Maxum SC2000 Cuddy
I just had a Monster Tower installed on my 1995 Maxum SC2000 Cuddy. I love the look and Extreme Boat Sports in Chilliwack, British Columbia did a great job. If you are in the Vancouver area and need a tower these are the guys to see. I'm already bugging my wife and kids for a wakeboard rack and mirror for Father's Day. We all can't wait to hit the water.

Maxum - 1997 2300 Maxum
Installed by Executive Boat & Yacht Salt Lake City, Utah

Maxum - Jerry Sisco's 1997 Maxum

Maxum - Travis and Dani Hawkinson's 97 Maxum
My husband and I put it up in about 3 hours. The directions and pictures you have we very user friendly. We loved getting to see what it would look on our boat.

Maxum - Steve Rusin's 1999 Maxum 1800SR

Maxum - John Ortisi's Maxum

Maxum - John Ortisi's Maxum

Maxum - Mott family 2005 Maxum SR2000
The tower was installed by ProMarine of Burlington, NC. We bought the boat in March of 2005. My son Dyaln ( 13 ) immediately started saving his to get a Monster Tower. He has mowed many lawns to get this tower. He says the tower is “sick” and he gets awesome air. The tower is silent and rock steady...All neighbors want one now....My son says, “thanks for a fatter, stronger, stiffer tower.”

Maxum - Tommy L's 2001 Maxum

Maxum installed by Executive Boat and Yacht , Utah

Maxum - K. Harris' Maxum 2100

Maxum - C. Mangel's Maxum

Maxum - C. Mangel's Maxum
I just installed the Monster Tower this past spring and it is awesome. My wife, son, and the rest of the family, including myself, are really enjoying it summer. Looking forward to another wakeboard rack and speaker system. I just want to thank your staff they are great and were very helpful with purchase of our new tower.

Maxum - D. Parham's Maxum

Dennis M's Maxum 1800MX
Lovin' the tower!

Dennis M's Maxum 1800mx Filled to the Max
The more the merrier!

Dave A's Maxum
My boys and I are really enjoying the Monster Tower! It fits the boat great and looks awesome! As promised it fit and is totally silent, nice going guys!

Nathan W's 1996 Maxum 1800SR
Love the tower!

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