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В этом разделе можно увидеть тысячи фотографий более 100 моделей катеров с успешно установленными вышками MonsterTower. Это фотографии вышек, установленных своими руками, присланные благодарными клиентами в адрес компании MonsterTower. С помощью этих фотографий можно получить представление о способах установки на различные катера и внешнем виде катера после установки. Для просмотра выберите модель вышки и модель катера.

Фотографии катеров Bayliner с вышкой MT1 (всего 144 фото).

U.S. Army Captain Chris Bartos' Bayliner

U.S. Army Captain Chris Bartos' Bayliner
Bought my Monster tower approx 2yrs ago at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama. Just started using it several months ago after returning from Iraq. Extremely happy with it and will purchase again in the future.

Jeff Goode's 1996 Bayliner

Jeff Goode's 1996 Bayliner
The tower only took about 4 hours with two men and it is fantastic!

John Doran's Bayliner
Thanks for the help on the Tower Installation. My son is already throwing aerial Somersalts with the Tower.

Darin Warren's Bayliner
I'll tell everyone looking for a tower to check yours out. I'm very happy with mine

Deborah Steuer's Bayliner

Deborah Steuer's Bayliner
We recently purchased this tower and could not be happier with it, Thanks so much!

Michael and Holly Bartak's Bayliner

Michael and Holly Bartak's Bayliner
The tower looks great and is very stiff with minimal noise. I received the tower two days after ordering it and had it on by the weekend with the help of David Schinkel. Thanks again for all your help and answering my questions

Mick and Josh Adair's Bayliner

Mick and Josh Adair's Bayliner
Your tower is awesome!! It fit just fine on my 1999 Bayliner and clears the Bimini with room to spare. This tower is rock solid and perfectly silent!! Thanks for a great product at a terrific price.

Cary Goddard's Bayliner

Cary Goddard's Bayliner
I appreciate all of your customer service. The product and price can't be beat

James Cook's 2002 Bayliner Capri 185

Dealer Lorch at Performance Marine Regina, SK, Canada
Hi -- wanted to send you a shot of the tower installed on one of a new 2004 Bayliner 185s the tower fits beautifully and is solid as a rock! I'm especially impressed by the height of the pin (almost 7' from the floor on this boat) and how easy the board racks are to remove -- great design!  I've had very positive responses from customers, and look forward to putting lots of Monster Towers on our lakes next spring!

Ed Morris's 2003 Bayliner 175
It was easy to install, taking about 3 hours with one helper. We are catching some good air now, and of course it makes getting up out of the water a lot easier. Thanks for a great product!

Rob Getze 2002 Bayliner 195 Capri

Rob Getze 2002 Bayliner 195 Capri
The tower works GREAT, check out this WATER - Lake Mojave - Laughlin NV

Pat Harney's 1989 19' Bayliner 1930 Olympic Edition

Pat Harney's 1989 19' Bayliner 1930 Olympic Edition
Took 3 hr. 30 min. for me and my 12 year old son to put the tower on our boat.

Lon Huckert's 1994 Bayliner Capri 2050 LS
Here are a couple of pictures of the Monster Tower on my boat. It was easy to install, about 2 hours. The foil rack gets the airchair out of the boat which gives us allot more room (my wife's biggest complaint about hauling the chair around). I'm getting bigger air than ever before and should be landing some flips next summer.

Mark Schubert 2000 Bayliner LX1850
I am continuously complimented on the looks of my boat with the Monster Tower installed. I have been asked where I got my tower and handed out a few of the stickers that came with it, although I did put one on my truck. Since then, two people whom I turned on to the Monster Tower have bought one. I LOVE my tower and the ease of folding it down for storage.

Gordon Markham's 2000 Bayliner Capri 1850lx - I

Gordon Markham's 2000 Bayliner Capri 1850lx - I
I just got my Monster Tower installed and wanted to send a few pics. The boys at Rockford Marina in Illinois put it on for me and I am very excited to go and put it to the test! It definitely looks better than my homemade pylon!

Jeff DeSersa's Bayliner 175 - Thanx for a great product, worth every penny.

Jason and Monica Warr's 2004 Bayliner 175
I had the boat out today, the tower was perfectly silent, we had to go under a bridge, and the quick release kit came in very handy!!!

Bob Mullen's 2003 Bayliner 185

Bob Mullen's 2003 Bayliner 185
Here are a couple of pictures of one of your towers as fitted to our 2003 Bayliner 185. We're very pleased with it. The Bimini only took very minor adjustments to fit around it as you can see. Thanks to Golden Comet Marine of Limassol, Cyprus for fitting and after sales service

Jason Naylor's 1992 Bayliner 1850

Jason Naylor's 1992 Bayliner 1850

Danny Cole's Bayliner

Danny Cole's Bayliner

1998 Bayliner 2050 Sport Installed by Performance Marine

1998 Bayliner 2050 Sport Installed by Performance Marine

Rob Rummel's '97 Bayliner Capri 1850 - My son Ben can't wait to catch some air!

Greg Swatske's Bayliner

Greg Swatske's Bayliner - Thanks for the great products. Installed easy with no problems

Klaudius Nagel's '96 Bayliner 2050 SS.

Klaudius Nagel's '96 Bayliner 2050 SS.
Monster Tower goes to Austria! I'm very impressed with the Monster Tower and I have a lot of fun with it! My boys Matthias, Sebastian, and John are using it a lot and also have a lot of training with it. Awesome product! Every time out I get asked about this special tower and it’s my pleasure to answer these questions

Curtis Johnston's 2004 Bayliner 175

Roger Price's 1990 20' Bayliner
Hey guys, thanks for a great product! The installation was quick and painless. The quick release is great for folding down for low clearance bridges

Denis Doucet's Bayliner
I enjoy my tower and everybody in Quebec seems to like it too and more, they ask me for information about Monster Tower and about how to get one. I say that you're a very good business

Marius Wotta's Bayliner
Excellent product guys, we love it!!

Heath Guthrie's 175 bayliner

Dwight Thompson's 2002 19.5 Bayliner Capri
My daughter (pictured here), my wife, and I installed the Monster Tower in about 2.5 hours. We really enjoy it. The ski and wakeboard racks are great!! They keep things off the floor, more room for moving around.

Keith Bramwell's 2003 Bayliner 2150 Classic
I purchased your tower this past summer and am just now sending you pictures of how it fits on our boat. It took about 3 hours for my son and me to install and it rocks. Bigger air, easier getting up and looks great! Thanks for a great product, it was just what I was looking for

Keith Axthelm's 1993 19' Bayliner Classic

Bayliner 2050 - Install by Executive Boat & Yacht

Bayliner 2050 - Install by Executive Boat & Yacht

Bayliner 190 - Installed by Executive Boat & Yacht

2005 Bayliner 185 - Install by Performance Marine

John Davies' 2052 Bayliner

John Davies' 2052 Bayliner
Tower from New Zealand MasterCraft – The difference it has made to air time is staggering. It is totally bomb proof and completely silent. Heaps of people have stopped me to admire the tower. Most ask how I managed to build such a professional looking setup or where I got it built locally. I'm so glad I decided to go for a tower instead of a pole and really happy with the product that you supply

2001 Bayliner 195 Install by Performance Marine

Chris Kolling's 1999 Bayliner 1850 SS

Chris Kolling's 1999 Bayliner 1850 SS
I LOVE my Monster Tower, it is rock solid, silent, and easy to fold down to get in my garage! I have received a few compliments already, in the 2 weekends I have had it out. The job took about 4 hours, and the instructions, and other various boat owners' pictures helped! Thank you so much for an outstanding product!

Brian Amoroso's 1992 Bayliner Capri 18'

Brian Amoroso's 1992 Bayliner Capri 18'
The installation went smoothly. I had to completely rework the existing bimini and have the canvas cut down, but I think it came out pretty nice. Thanks for a great product!

Beverly Craddock's 2001 Bayliner Capri
Thanks so much for the new wakeboard rack. We are definitely happy with the tower and more importantly with the service Monster Tower provides. In this day and age good customer service is hard to find but your company ROCKS at it!

James Boen's 2001 Bayliner 175

James Boen's 2001 Bayliner 175
I recently ordered a Monster Tower. I was amazed how quickly it arrived. We followed the instructions and put it on this past weekend. It was a fairly simple process, and the tower looks great. Thanks for a great product. I will be ordering a wakeboard rack soon.

2001 19 Bayliner Install done by Executive Boat and Yacht

Howard Jensen's 1999 2050 Bayliner

Kelly Dearwester's 2004 Bayliner 185 BR

Kelly Dearwester's 2004 Bayliner 185 BR

Kelly Dearwester's 2004 Bayliner 185 BR
I opened the box and was somewhat taken back by all the parts, since I had never embarked upon a large project such as this one. However, after reading the instructions for 4 or 5 times, consulting with the wife, father, and stewing over the mounting location for hours I managed to install the tower with ease. After the installation I was astonished how firm and solid the tower became after tightening all the bolts. This is a great product for the money invested and cosmetic appearance.

Jeff Palon's 91 Bayliner 2050

Jeff Palon's 91 Bayliner 2050 - Works great, painless install (mostly), and looks awesome

Perry Avery's 2002 Bayliner 185
We just love our monster tower. The affordability of your tower has us finally getting some air. Thanks for the great product.

This is a picture of my new tower on my 1993 Bayliner
We are so happy with our new tower! Thanks Monster Tower we love it!!

Johnny Reid's '98 Bayliner 1850 LS
Thanks for a truly great product! Installation was easy. We'd rather drink beer than turn a screw driver (if we can do it, anybody can). The boys told me my boat went from “dad to RAD” in a few hours. We now get mega-air and people stop me to ask questions about the tower. The Kicker's rock any cove and I can't tell you how nice it is to have all the toys hanging nicely, outside the boat.

Billy and Amy Coleman's 2004 Bayliner 185

Billy and Amy Coleman's 2004 Bayliner 185

Billy and Amy Coleman's 2004 Bayliner 185
This is one awesome tower and the installation was pretty easy, like some people said it took more time to measure than anything else. Thanks for a great product, you guys know your stuff.

Lowell Gibson's '04 Bayliner 185

Lowell Gibson's '04 Bayliner 185
My friend, George and I installed it in about 3 hours. All went extremely well. We just followed the well laid out instructions, and we never had a problem. Being perfectionists, we were both very impressed with the quality of each and every part. It's always a bit scary ordering something on-line, but we were so impressed that you never skimped on any parts. They were high quality right down to the bolts used. My hat's off to your company!!

Paul Chaney's 1997 Bayliner Capri
My 17 year-old son Kevin and I installed the tower on our 1997 Bayliner Capri 2050 in a late afternoon and evening. Since the boat has been in the water this spring, the tower has gotten heavy use by Kevin, his 19 year-old brother Brian, and the ”wolfpack” all summer. It looks great and is completely silent. I keep my boat on a lift with a canopy, and people are amazed that the tower can be folded flat by one person in a couple of minutes. This is a great product. My boys and I thank you

Mike Atkinson's 2001 Bayliner Capri 215 LX

Mike Atkinson's 2001 Bayliner Capri 215 LX
Thetower looks great and the boys are having fun! I’ve gotten several compliments on how great it looks on the boat. Now that’s saying something when you own a Bayliner! I want to thank your customer support during the install (Chris). Chris had good advice on how to make it look sharp on the boat! I spent extra time on the install trying to find a position that would allow me to keep my bimini top. The extra time was well worth the effort; my biminifits under the tower.

Dan Frye's '87 Bayliner – Thanks for the fast shipping
and great product. It took about 3 hours on Friday night but I was able to get my boat out to the lake with my tower....I love it, extremely solid and quiet and it looks killer even on my old boat.

Johnny Bowdler's Bayliner

Johnny Bowdler's Bayliner

Johnny Bowdler's Bayliner
Just wanted to let you all know how pleased I am with your products. The tower is AWESOME, and the light bar and rack are great additions! I was able to install the tower solo in about 3 hours (although I strongly suggest having a friend to help). Getting great air, and lots of compliments on how good it looks!

Steve Collins' Bayliner

Creighton, Lisa, Cole & Tyler O’Malley’s 1994
Bayliner Super Sport - We All LOVE the tower it has made the greatest improvement for the boys.

Ernie Carriere's 1997 Bayliner 2050ss Capri
I'm a customer of your Monster Tower and I absolutely love the product. We have been using it ever since my daughter and I installed it last winter.

Attlia Miszti's Bayliner
Thanks for an awesome product/service.

Ron Grisby's 1998 Bayliner 1800 LS

Rudy & Jonny's Bayliner 2050 Capri
We're some guys from the Netherlands and we want to say that the tower is awesome!!! Our Bayliner 2050 Capri Bowrider imported from Florida last summer is now completed! Let's rock this summer!

Jim Dole's 2003 Bayliner 1950 - I've been piecing the tower
together for the past couple weeks, a few minutes here and there. Finally, me and a couple buddies knocked it out in short order this past Friday evening. Everything I read on the website was true to form. It was fairly strait forward to install and the instructions were reliable. We got out on the lake on Saturday afternoon and were thrilled with it. This is a good product

Jeff Kuhn's 2003 Bayliner 185

Jeff Kuhn's 2003 Bayliner 185 - Thanks for a great product.
It took three of us about 3 hours to install the Monster Tower. It was a bit confusing at first, but things got a lot easier once we stopped thinking and started doing. Once we got it installed, we cleaned up the boat and headed out for the river. I love the way the tower looks, and it really is silent. Great engineering job guys!

Mike Romero's 2003 Bayliner 175

Jay's 2006 Bayliner 175

Jay's 2006 Bayliner 175

Mike T's 2005 Bayliner 185

Mike T's 2005 Bayliner 185 - We are really enjoying our tower
Mike T's 2005 Bayliner 185 - We are really enjoying our tower after 2 seasons and got the install done ourselves in half of a day with the help of the great instructions and photos of others online. The mirror and board holder are also a nice compliment. Thanks so much for the fun (air) times!

Jeff Johnston's 1996 Bayliner 2050 LS Capri

Jeff Johnston's 1996 Bayliner 2050 LS Capri

Jeff Johnston's 1996 Bayliner 2050 LS Capri
Well we got-r-done! I’m very pleased with the detail and quality of construction of the tower. The install went well also. My 11 year old son and I put it on. Tomorrow we’ll test it out.

Brad Brown's Bayliner 175 - I love my tower

Brad Brown's Bayliner 175 - I love my tower
It took about 4 hrs. to install with 2 other guys. This tower is great for the price and has improved my riding. I would recommend this tower to nybody.

Bayliner Eric Svensson

Eric Svensson's Bayliner
The tower is amazing and I would do it all over again if I had to. Having all the extra space in the boat from the board racks and getting rid of the pylon is great. I love my tower look forward to adding another rack, bimini, and some speakers using ideas from diytowers.com.

Dale Charbonneau's 92' 2050 Bayliner

Dale Charbonneau's 92' 2050 Bayliner
Your tower is Bad A-- and everything you said it would be!!! My friends I put it through a lot and couldn't be happier!! Thanks for a product!!!

Rob Bohannon's 1999 Bayliner 2050 Capri

Brad Johnson's Bayliner

Brad Johnson's Bayliner

Mike Bartlett's Bayliner

Mike Bartlett's Bayliner

Pete Wright's Bayliner

Ted Kincaid's Bayliner

Harry H Horning II 1stLt USMC Bayliner
Just wanted to send my thanks for your great customer service. I bought my tower a year ago and shortly thereafter was unexpectedly deployed to Iraq. Once I returned home I found my speakers had bubbled and became weathered even though they were stored indoors. You not only are replacing my speakers but also will pay for the shipping. This is a picture of my wife and I on our boat (2004 Bayliner 175) with our new tower just before I left.

Becker Families 1996 Bayliner 2252

Becker Families 1996 Bayliner 2252
Thanks for a great tower. Our whole family loves it.

Michael Mazgaloff's 2006 Bayliner 175 BR
I just got my brand new tower from you about 2 weeks ago and couldn't stop buying... Next came the wakeboard rack and the ski rack and it seems like I will be on the market for tower speakers soon. You products are awesome and for anyone who likes working on their boat I couldn't recommend a better place to shop.

Bruno's Bayliner 175

Jeff's 1989 Bayliner Capri Cabin Cuddy

Jeff's 1989 Bayliner Capri Cabin Cuddy
We received the tower on Friday as planned. Got started early on Saturday morning with two of my teenage sons helping. The 3 – 4 hours thing is a little optimistic unless you have a real simple installation. It took me and my sons (along with intermittent assistance from my wife, my older son, and his friend who was especially helpful) 10 hours from start to Locktite and torque the last bolt. Sunday got started early. Got to the lake we usually go to at 9 AM. The proof as they say is in the pudding. The tower was great. All my sons and their friends who came along loved the tower. My wife and I were quite pleased as well. The tower was solid and quiet as advertised. All and all, a good experience, look foward to ordering other accessories in the future (speakers, bimini, mirror).

B. Stone's 06 Bayliner 175

B. Stone's 06 Bayliner 175

P. Fields Bayliner

Todd N's Bayliner

Todd N's Bayliner -
Two years ago I added a Monster tower and bimini to my 2004 Bayliner Capri Classic 215. We have thoroughly enjoyed the tower. Here are some photos of our boat with a custom swim platform extension by SwimPlatforms.com. We reinforced the hull at all four mount points with marine ply and fiberglass and have had no issues…in fact, we find the strength of the tower transfers to the reinforced hull and the boat holds tighter (less hull flex) because of the strength of the tower.

C. Facey's '04 Bayliner 205
My daughter bought the tower, racks and speakers on her own. Purchased in winter and had to wait till spring to install because of weather. Well worth the wait! Great strength, and support pulling out of the water. We have towed lots of beginners who have had no problem getting up. Was not too difficult to install, just followed the well laid out instructions. Thanks for a great tower

P. Brunasso's Bayliner175
The tower was very easy to assemble.

P. Brunasso's Bayliner175
The tower was very easy to assemble. All this summer time, with my family and my friends, we enjoyed Wakeboarding with the Monster Tower. We use it 45 hours at the moment, and not a problem occurs. It was on the “Lac de la Raviege” on the South of France.

Bryon B's Bayliner with MT1 Tower

Chris M's Bayliner with MT1 (different view)
I just wanted to say, your MT1 tower is awesome! I was going to use another vendor's tower until I saw this, and I am so glad I made this purchase.

Eddie R's 1998 Bayliner 175
The tower was very easy to assemble and install. I custom built a mirror mount and a clamp for my bimini so I don't need to drill on the tower. The tower looks great, I can't wait to get water and try it out.

Matt and Amber's 94 Bayliner 1750
Fantastic tower!!  It folds down easily to get in and out of the garage.  I was very impressed with the endless installation options.  I was able to install it so it folded down into the swim deck on the boat.  Thanks again for giving me more than my money's worth in both performance and appearance.

Mike P's 2002 Bayliner 1950 classic
What a difference the tower makes in boarding. This will save me thousands buying in a new wake specific boat. The installation was fairly simple and would recommend doing it yourself for anybody who can read directions! It was not that tough. An extra hand as you suggest is a must. I personally used ¼” aluminum plate backing instead of plywood and bent it with a sledge hammer to shape it to the hull contour. Thanks for the fine product. See you on Lake Washington!

Keith S's '07 Bayliner 185
MT1 Monster Tower

Rodney R's Bayliner

Jason H's 2010 Bayliner
This tower is awesome. Thanks for a great product.

Paul's Bayliner

Paul's Bayliner

Bayliner - 2000 Bayliner 2050 SS Capri

Bayliner - Chris K's 2000 Bayliner 1850LS

Bayliner - Shane F's 1998 bayliner 1850 capri

96 Bayliner Capri installed by Southpaw WaterSports

T Reznik's 1991 Bayliner Cobra Fish & Ski
Fairly easy installation once proper measurements were done. Had to reinforce the fiberglass on mounting points which was the most difficult aspect as I was new to epoxy but in the end certainly well within a boat owner's capability. Tower is completely silent and easy to put up and down. Received good advice and guidance from your technical people. Thanks

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